Thank God for SAINTLY Hard Selzter – Cocktail-inspired Seltzers

It goes without saying we’ve all had a tough year. Much of 2020 and 2021 saw Sydney in and out of lockdown, and away from the friends we’d normally drink with. Now I’m thanking the heavens for SAINTLY Hard Seltzer delicious cocktail-inspired seltzers – launching right in time for Spring picnics and a long summer of reunions under the sun.

Seltzers (ie. flavoured alcoholic sparkling waters) have been having a moment in Oz for a while now – best known for their low-calorie quality, but not always for their taste. I’m proud to say I’ve found a game-changing exception, and new favourite drink: SAINTLY cocktail-inspired hard seltzers. These zero carb, zero sugar, gluten-free cans of liquid goodness quench your thirst without the calories. Plus, they pack a punch full of flavours influenced by everyone’s favourite cocktails.

On our first weekend of government-approved picnics, some friends and I played some lawn games, and cracked open a dozen-pack of SAINTLY’s heavenly new range. The overwhelming consensus is – we won’t be drinking anything else this summer. God it’s good to find an incredibly refreshing (5% alc) drink that’s not only low in calories, but doesn’t compromise on taste.

SAINTLY is an Australian made and owned hard seltzer brand, which graced us with its goodness in 2020 when we needed it most. Committing to serving Aussies with guilt-free tasty drinks, SAINTLY has dominated the market with their classic range of seltzers.

The new cocktail-inspired range straight-up takes the seltzer game to the next level, stepping it up a notch with flavours including: The Faithful Ginger Mule; Glory Be Grapefruit Margarita; Almighty Mojito; and (my favourite of the four), The Paradise Passionfruit Martini. This one is a tantalising spin on a classic ‘Pornstar Martini’, with passionfruit, lime, and a touch of vanilla – divine!

With this launch, Saintly demonstrates its versatility, providing customers with on-trend, all natural drinks they’ll love, that emphasise volume and value. Zero carbs. Zero sugar. It’s a miracle.

Be blessed with the new cocktail-inspired seltzer range from SAINTLY Hard Seltzer in Dan Murphy’s stores. Available in packs of 12 for $54.99. For more information, visit their Website.